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Centricity™ Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is an ambulatory EMR that is designed for large practices. The system features integrated practice management solutions, and offers physicians online access to patient records.

Offering exceptional customizability, Centricity EMR can be tailored to suit the workflow of any practice. Through its seamless interoperability, the system enables practices to share data with clinical or financial systems.

It is built with progressive technologies which assist practices in adapting to all regulatory changes. Its integrated Meaningful Use toolkit allows you to successfully prepare for attestation.

Centricity EMR features:

  • A high-functioning desktop that offers a simple, intuitive interface allowing users to quickly navigate through the patient charts and access patients’ documents and clinical data.
  • At-a-glance view of patient’s health records and their ailments prior to the visit.
  • One-Click Problem Entry which automatically adds correlating codes of ICD 10 upon selecting the appropriate diagnosis.
  • Predictive Search which ranks search results by frequency of use by the user.
  • Various time saving data-entry methods such as voice command, customized templates and quick text
  • Convenient e-Prescribing allowing practices efficient and streamlined medication order entry.
  • Insightful Dashboard to help providers track, measure, and report their care quality outcomes.

Centricity EMR’s Clinical Messenger allows effective communication with patients along with other practices involved in a patient’s care. The EMR also features an interface engine that integrates it with third-party systems to share billing data, lab reports and clinical notes.

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