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Developed by Celerity, CAM is user-friendly software offering administrative, clinical and financial services for practices specializing in behavioral health. The program was initially designed to cater to the needs of providers specializing in chemical dependency treatments and is highly in demand in the mentioned market.

Making things easier for providers, the software allows group notes to be entered in one screen and then attributed to individual client accounts. CAM’s scheduling tool allows practices to schedule numerous providers across many different locations easily.

Featuring customizable intake and assessment templates, the program offers users the option of customizable forms to imitate their historic record formats. Utilizing data entered into these forms, the program automatically generates progress notes and summaries.

CAM also ensures proper compliance by offering numerous automatic auditing tools. Its billing application supports UB04 and CMS 1500 forms.

The entire EHR and Practice Management system is web-based and hosted by Celerity itself. This relieves practices from installing or maintaining any software on premise as they can simply access it over the internet. CAM is especially beneficial for organizations working on multiple locations and lacking large IT resources.

User Reviews

Pros: The system worked fairly well when we were a small practice. As our practice grows - the slower the system gets. After months of arguing that our system is running too slow, they identified the issue as a "bug" in their system and will at some point place it on a list to eventually be looked at. There are reports that we cannot run and areas of the system we cannot use due to "a long running script".

Cons: Way too expensive for what you receive. System issues not being resolved is the biggest complaint. A system "bug" is not important to the support staff, even though it greatly affects our ability to be productive.

  • Carla, Balanced Wellbeing, LLC
  • Mar, 2017
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