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BreezyNotes is a cloud-based Electronic Health Record EHR system and a practice management solution. The software has been specifically designed to fulfill the needs of mental health professionals. The complete suite of applications can prove to be perfect for small to mid-sized practices and assist them greatly in automating their daily office functions and streamline workflow.

The Health IT system offers facilitating applications to help mental health practices in boosting their productivity and increasing revenues. The solution offers services such as medical billing, patient scheduling, and Accounting.

BreezyNotes also features an at-a-glance calendar that allows users to easily view their daily, weekly, or monthly schedules. It also offers medical practice managers complete schedules of individual therapists in the entire practice on a single screen.

The software makes distinct the upcoming appointments through color coding. The same color coding is used to identify clients that have already been examined or who are ready to be billed, and also those who have already paid their bills.

The easy to use calendar of this software further feature drag-and-drop editing tools for patient scheduling. The progress notes of this system are based on the SOAP note. This allows users to pre-populate patient data in the notes from the previous sessions.

The Billing system offered by the company manages payments from both patients and insurance companies. They can also easily take care of the secondary insurance and temporary authorizations. There are very few software out there in the market who offer administration, medical and billing solutions all in a single health IT platform which has been designed specifically for practices specializing in mental health.

The company behind BreezyNotes had partnered with cloud services provider 7 Medical Systems in order to host their software on HIPAA compliant, SSAE16 audited servers.

User Reviews

Pros: It helps me keep my patient information organized and easy to find.

Cons: Everything works great except for the Customer Support.

  • Carla, Pacific Medical Care
  • May, 2017
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