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Aurora Clinical EMR, formerly known as Beacon Specialty, is an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and a product of Boston Advanced Analytics which is a Health IT company. Designed for large practices and hospitals, Aurora EMR aims to assist medical practices in technological efficiency, data analytics, and enhanced performance.

EMR is the basic crux of a medical practice. The software contains patients’ entire medical history and is the basic tool assisting all medical decisions. Aurora EMR can be used as a stand-alone or can be incorporated with any EHR.

Aurora EMR is flexible; it can be customized to suit individual provider needs for seamless transitioning. It is also integrated with labs, pharmacies and diagnostic equipment, ensuring that all clinical data is collected in one place for greater analysis. This allows practitioners to monitor and tracks multiple procedural tasks with access to test results over days, months, and years. View demo.

Aurora EMR offers specialized software for In vitro fertilization (IVF) and Cardiomyopathy. IVF requires constant monitoring and scheduling of patients, with access to vital embryology data; IVF also involves inventory management of frozen embryos. Aurora for IVF has an intrinsic Lab Management software that assists in keeping track of patient ovulation, eventual egg evolution, inventory management, and built-in reporting of protocols.

Cardiomyopathy requires a lot of data such as phenotype, genotype, tests, family history and pedigrees that need to be stored and managed effectively. Aurora for Cardiomyopathy provides practitioners with live data at the point of care. The EMR keeps all pertinent data in one location for quick and easy access. The data can also be viewed in color-coded charts and graphs to track patient progress over time.

Aurora EMR offers Practice Management (PM), and basic Billing with both IVF and Cardiomyopathy. This enables seamless workflow of clinical practices, as well as increasing revenue through accurate, and eligible claims. You can request price here.

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Pros: Easy to use and self-explanatory

Cons: I hate that it is not compatible with all TABs, I had to specially buy an iPad.

  • Tasha, podiatry Medical clinic
  • Feb, 2017
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