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A.I.Med is a comprehensive EHR and PM software solution designed for private practices by Acrendo Software. Offered as both a cloud-based and on-site server solution, A.I.med aims to reduce costs and promote efficiency by providing flexible features to small and medium practices.

A.I.Med EHR advances better patient care through its broad functionality. The EHR is Tablet ready and provides an interface with labs, hospitals, pharmacies, vaccine reports, Welch Allyn vital sings device, HIE and radiology.

A.I.Med EMR covers a wide range of templates for over twenty specialties. These templates cover the specialties area of expertise, and have ICD/CPT coding pertaining uniquely to them. Highly customizable, these templates can be personalized with a few quick clicks of a button and are integrated with imaging and diagnostic equipment for greater interoperability.

From scheduling to automated reminders, to electronic billing and eligibility verifications, A.I.med PM Solution lets medical practices assimilate the administrative and financial functions of a practice seamlessly.

A.I.Med EHR and PM is further supported through Acrendo hardware such as dictation speech mikes for hands-free note taking, Ultra-Book convertible Tablets, touch-screen desktop PCs, digital signature pads, and biometric fingerprint readers.

Along with their software solutions A.I.med offers a string of services to assist medical practices; from technical support to on-site training of staff.

A.I.Med is ONC-HIT certified and Meaningful Use compliant.

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