The new technology will be called Samantha and it will save providers and clinicians eight hours per week in EHR documentation. Samantha will be available via athena’s marketplace and speed up charting time through automation. Now providers, physicians and clinicians are all set to have a new virtual assistant along with their EHR software. Her name will be Samantha and she will be available via athena’s marketplace.

The AI technology was launched by NoteSwift, a Boston-based company, last year. The AI-powered clinical documentation application will now be joining with athenahealth to assist docs with their medical charting.

Samantha stands for Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm. Although that’s a lot of words, but all these will actually help clinicians in their documentation and save them valuable time.

Saving clinicians’ time means saving lives. This is because, the less time clinicians will be spending on their computers, the more patients they will be treating. The treatment to additional patients will save lives as there will be doctors available for all.

The main goal of Samantha is to assist athenahealth clients in being more efficient with their patients when conducting medical documentation in the athenaClinicals EHR software.

Samantha technology can effortlessly digest the physician’s narrative and it can work both ways – dictated and typed. The system uses AI to perfectly analyze the information, find structured data, automatically assign the relevant ICD-10, CPT or SNOMED codes and develop orders along with electronic prescriptions for the physician to easily sign-off.

The tool system is designed to get that data into just the right fields of the EHR software. This, according to NoteSwift, would save massive time and the clinicians will be able to enjoy as much as eight hours free per week. This will also help in ensuring accuracy.

NoteSwift CEO Wayne Crandall said the technology is actually a means to assist in alleviating physician burnout and further increase their face time with patients.

“Samantha’s advanced artificial intelligence creates the entire patient note from a single screen and with just a few clicks,” he said.