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TotalMD is a complete integrated healthcare software that includes Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management (PM). The software offers two versions, cloud-based and a server-based.

The easy to adapt TotalMD’s EHR truly improves the workflow of practices. Physicians can access patient charts from anywhere in the module along with information such as demographics, vitals, and immunizations with just a click. Physicians can chart quickly using prebuilt templates that can be modified according to a physician’s preference. The software allows care providers to coordinate care of patients from referring physicians, labs and radiology orders.

TotalMD offers actual interoperability. Physicians can Import standardized records (CCR/ CCD) as viewable documents and/or import a patient’s information directly into the EHR. A patient’s medication list, medication allergy list, problem list and information from a referring doctor or recent hospital discharge automatically appears in the patient’s record. Providers can also track referrals and radiology orders, in-house and out-of-office labs, follow-up and record requests from their referring providers.

TotalMD’s PM module streamlines operational tasks and simplifies the collections process of a practice. Office administrators can manage appointments by moving them from one date and to another in the schedule and send appointment reminders through emails. The patient records are accessible from anywhere within the software which provides easy access to patient’s insurance details, the patient dashboard, alerts and also access to records of other family members. Watch a demo.

Users can run automatic insurance checks using the Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) feature. TotalMD displays collected amounts and write-offs to the billers exactly below the corresponding procedure. The ledger screen reflects copay amounts, applied deductibles, patient balance, patient remainder balance and individual procedure remainder balances.

The ‘Claim Validator’ makes sure the claim information is accurate. Billers can also add a note to the claim form using the interactive claim form before sending them electronically or printing them to paper. The process of scrubbing and modifying claims has never been as easy as it is with the claim validator and visual claim editor. Click for the price.

The ePrescription feature allows sending prescriptions for all classes of drugs. Users also have access to drug interactions and allergy interactions, disease interactions, a two-year medication history of everything a patient has ever taken and renewal requests.

Office Administrators can track employee time and attendance, make corrections to time section, and print payroll summaries.

TotalMD is a perfect choice for billing services and practices that are seeking a single solution to effectively manage and collect collections and payments.

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