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PCIS GOLD is a subsidiary of DHI Computing Service that is serving the health care industry since 14 years. It is best known for its modern day software solutions and customer service. The ONC-ACB certified software enables physicians and medical groups to access, analyze and share its potential throughout the organization. It’s an all in one practice solution that consists of an EMR, practice management and patient portal.

The EHR is engineered in a way that it is 100% adoptable by practices of all kinds. It improves the way you chart by offering customizable tools while adapting to the workflow of your practice. Physicians can access patient records and important information while they are away or at the practice 24/7. The e-prescribing application helps check prescribed medications against drug allergies to avoid harmful interactions and includes a dosing calculator to help set the correct dosage of medicine. The EHR is also capable of pulling data from outside facilities and integrated devices. It syncs and streamlines data to give the physicians a complete view of a patient’s health conditions. Watch a quick demo to see how it works.

It has a dedicated dashboard for meaningful use and shows meaningful use fulfillment percentage to physicians during each reporting period.

PCIS GOLD’s practice management offers limitless reporting as per the needs of your practice. You can create every day reports from scratch or by using prebuilt templates. It lets you confirm eligibility, type of appointment and insurance coverage electronically. The practice management features, automated order entry, electronic document integrating, statement processing, capture charges at the point of care, patient recall and account management. Users can also set rules to receive notifications to complete specific tasks or jobs. Thinking to switch already, get a quote.

The patient portal engages maximum patients by allowing them to communicate with the clinics and care providers as per their convenience. It flawlessly transfers data between the practice management and electronic health records system. Patients can manage and monitor health by viewing their health plans, medical histories, view labs results and share all this information with other physicians. They can request appointments and medication refills in advance. It also enables them to communicate with their clinic through secure messaging, whereas physicians can send e-statements and share any urgent information. Local Advertising Network

PCIS GOLD is a stable software for practices that are looking for one program practice solution.

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