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MedInformatix has been working in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years and since its inception it has been busy assisting practices of various sizes in increasing their workflow efficiency.

The company offers radiology practices a full-featured medical solution named MedInformatix RIS. The software suite comes complete with an Electronic Health Records (EHR), applications supporting medical billing and patient scheduling, and many other programs. The company also offers practices robust document management solutions and a user-friendly Patient Portal. All these services are available at affordable rates and their prices could be viewed here .

The system is Meaningful Use stage 2 certified including all 64 clinical quality measures. It offers Advanced Radiology scheduling which is a great help for administrative users. The easy to use executive dashboard can help track clinical and financial information. It is also integrated with all major PACS.

The EHR comes with a document repository which saves any scanned or incoming faxed documents from laboratories or hospital. It also documents radiology reports and other related digital images. The program allows practices to not only electronically sign documents but also save them as encrypted files.

The company also features Practice Management software that offers scheduling, billing, custom reporting, EDI and registration of patients. The PM software can also be used for outcome analysis, tracking marketing campaigns and checking claims for error prior to electronic submissions. If you are interested in knowing more about these healthcare solutions, here is a demo video for you.

User Reviews

Pros: Offers great functionality. Implementation was real smooth and they helped us customize it to our needs.

Cons: They hold just a single user group meeting annually, they should have more of these.

Overall: You should pay attention to make the software more customizable . Everything else is secondary.

  • Michele, Optiva Consulting
  • Sep, 2016

Pros: Easy to use and workflows help us operate efficiently.

Cons: Sometime the system crashes and you are unable to use it until you restart the computer.

Overall: Recommended, take a good look at it. It is very good to use.

  • Melodie, University Radiology
  • Sep, 2016
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