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Designed for practices of all sizes, Medgre is an end-to-end medical software system, streamlining practice workflow through its Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR), and Practice Management (PM) solutions, as well as its Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services.

In a bid to enhance clinical efficiency, Medgre has designed an easy to use EMR for point-of-care charting. A single screen interface with pop-up screens and drop down menus eliminates the need to swipe between pages, saving time, as well as presenting entire patient history in front of the physician for accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.  To further expedite clinical workflow, Medgre hosts a library of templates for physician to choose from.

Medgre EHR boosts connectivity over multiple platforms. Integration with labs, pharmacies, diagnostic devices, as well as patient portals, makes Medgre EHR an important tool in transitioning medical practice from paper to electronic recording, and meeting Meaningful Use measures.

The front desk is the face of a medical practice, and must prep the patient before they see their physician. For a strong front desk, Medgre offers a strong PM software. It can handle multiple scheduling needs, send automated reminders, and give daily, weekly and monthly views, as well as analyzing scheduling patterns and patient preferences. Medgre PM also equips the front desk with tools to keep track of patient insurance, any outstanding payments, and billing office alerts for open activities.

Medgre RCM services take the burden of financial management from medical practices assigning a dedicated team to accelerate revenue cycle. Medgre Charge Capture and Rounding System enables physicians to start the billing process at the point-of-care, ensuring every charge is captured for accurate claims, before they go for claim scrubbing and tracking.

Medgre services start at a monthly rate of $350 per provider, for its EHR software; $550 per month, per provider for its EHR and PM plan; and 3% to 6% of all practice collections for its RCM services. To find out more about Medgre request a demo.

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Pros: I love the fact that you can check your schedule on your IPhone/IPad or Android device.

Cons: Customer support! You will always be put on hold for way too long and once you actually talk to someone they are not helpful.

  • Carla, Pacific Medical Care
  • Feb, 2017
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