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KASA Practice Solutions is a growing health IT Company which was founded in 2010. It aims to help mental health professionals with setting up, growing and managing their private practices by providing phone answering service, insurance billing solutions, appointment scheduling and EMR software.

KASA’s EMR software is designed by practitioners for practitioners and is built from a mental health professional’s perspective. The easy to use web-based software is HIPAA Compliant and comes with a simple layout that offers good usability. The services offered by KASA revolve around the EMR module. The EMR lets you take down electronic clinical notes, access patient records, and submit insurance claims automatically. Appointments & calendars are also integrated. Watch a demo now.

KASA helps practices perform their daily operations. Office administrators can use the fully-integrated HR module to handle payroll and employee documentation. Additionally, administrators can assign permissions to staff giving them access to the portions of the EMR software they need.

The software has been specifically designed for mental health facilities and billing companies. The software automatically cuts down billing errors. Upon signing up for KASA’s billing services, KASA assigns a dedicated team member who manages a practices account and provides support such as following up on denied claims & resubmitting them. The rates for billing vary depending on the size of the practice and number of clinicians but the best part is you are only charged while you are seeing patients. You can get a quick quote by clicking price.

The KASA team also offers scheduling services, where a receptionist attends any incoming calls and takes down messages & schedule patients. Click for the quote.

The software, on the whole, is a well-tailored system that offers multiple features that help to deal with daily practice operations along with good usability & support from KASA. The company continuously works to provide better software solutions & services they offer.

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