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iDOC is iMedicWare’s EHR solution for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Geared towards small to medium sized medical practices, iDOC aims to make their day to day workflow easier and as seamless as possible with integrated Practice Management software.

iDOC is offered as both an on-site server or a cloud-based solution. Practices can choose the one they are most comfortable with. Some physicians could be skeptical about the level of security on a cloud-based server, but statistics indicate that cloud-based EHR solutions are just as secure as in-house servers. iDoc can be implemented on existing hardware, including PCs, Macs, Android-based tablets, and iPads.

iDOC is pre-qualified for Meaningful Use Stage 2 and is ICD-10 compliant. The EMR solution has built-in templates and codes to make diagnosis easier, and make documentations against claims. It includes features like drop-down menus, mouse-over descriptions, and type-ahead selection and entry methods. Intelligent programming can recommend diagnosis codes and facilitate smart phrases for accurate input and reduced errors.

The PM solution helps reduce expenses while enhancing the efficiency of the entire administrative and financial operation. Tasks such as scheduling, appointment reminders and generating claims are all taken care of in iDOC’s PM solution.

Users are can take advantage of iDoc’s subscription-based price which is competitive and all-inclusive.

User Reviews

Pros: It’s an innovative product that is growing day by day. We like their support as they follow up pretty well and are available most of the times when we need them.

Cons: They need to provide better training when updates take place.

Overall: See the workflow of the software if it matches your practice.

  • Van, Saratoga Ophthalmology
  • Sep, 2016
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