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EncounterWorks is a Health IT company committed to the betterment of healthcare technology. Their fully integrated medical software provide practices with Electronic Health Record (EHR), and Practice Management (PM) solutions for expedited workflow.

The software is not sold as two different components but comes embedded within one solution which makes reporting faster, and streamlines the entire clinical, administrative and financial process of a single practice. There are three pricing plans that provide a hierarchy of features for providers to choose from.

EncounterWorks EHR offers flexible clinical notation to providers. The templates are customizable, and cover a range of specialties from podiatry to chiropractic, minimizing dictation and lengthy note-taking. The EHR includes order sets that can be tailored to provider needs enabling faster lab orders, for quicker results.

Interoperability becomes easier with EncounterWorks EHR. Labs are fully integrated, and imported documentation is automatically saved in patient files. Pharmacies are further connected through the e-Prescribe feature with built-in drug interaction checks. The EHR also assists with clinical decisions by flagging medical conditions, and prompting actions based on specific diagnosis.

EncounterWorks PM software eradicates too many menus and pages to navigate through, providing a single page view for all patient management options. Providers can access patient scheduling, patient demographics, patient insurance management, and patient portal through a single PM solution.

The PM comes with built-in ICD-10 codes to enable quicker claim processing, and accurate billing. The system enables eligibility checks, automatic coding, claim scrubbing, and one-touch claim submission to support the financial needs of a medical practice.

EncounterWorks is a cloud-based solution and has mobile capabilities making it readily available to physicians, and patients, no matter where they are. It is a good fit for small to midsized practices. For more information, request a demo today.

User Reviews

Pros: I love the fact that you can check your schedule on your IPhone/IPad or Android device.

Cons: Customer support! You will always be put on hold for way too long and once you actually talk to someone they are not helpful.

  • Christina, All Women's Care
  • Feb, 2017
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