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The Digital Office was designed by EON Systems to streamline the workflow of medical practices. The integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software simplifies routine tasks and health information management. The Digital Office is specifically designed to support chiropractors, physical therapists, pediatricians, family medicine providers, out-patient rehab clinics, emergency departments, and urgent care centers.

The Digital Office provides specialty-specific content for each the specialties that it supports. This includes customizable SOAP note templates, narrative writer, built-in specialty workflows. These allow for quicker point-of-care charting, reduction in errors and saving valuable time – allowing providers to see more patients in the day.

The Digital Office EHR improves the day-to-day clinical workflow and provides communication with labs, pharmacies, and diagnostic devices for consolidated storage and management of patient files. This saves valuable time for providers, as all the required information is stored in one place. The Digital Office simplifies data sharing between multiple healthcare stakeholders for referrals, lab tests, or patient files on the patient portal.

The Digital Office not only improves the clinical operations of a practice but also provides a PM software solution for effective administrative and financial operations management. With integrated digitized appointment book, inventory control, billing, and insurance follow-up, the Digital Office PM provides tools to make repetitive routine tasks hassle-free, without compromising on quality.

EON Systems was recently acquired by ChiroTouch, a leading name in the Health IT industry. ChiroTouch is a renowned for an EHR designed specifically for chiropractors. For more information on the Digital Office pricing and plans, visit their website or request a demo.

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