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CollaborateMD is a practice management and medical billing solution that is purposefully designed to fit the needs of practices of all sizes. The software is able to integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHR) of all kinds and helps in easing the administrative works of clinics and hospitals. CollaborateMD is ICD-10 ready and includes an ICD-9/10 Crosswalk tool. Its cloud-based nature allows it to be accessed from anywhere and at any time.

The company behind CollaborateMD specializes in medical billing and assists practices in getting their medical claims paid fast. This innovative and intelligent web-based medical billing software is constantly being improved and enhanced with the latest technology in order to make sure that insurance claims get to the medical insurance payer swiftly and their clients receive payments without delays.

CollaborateMD also specializes in automating and streamlining the billing and coding processes, securely. The developers of CollaborateMD assert that the system is both comprehensive and user-friendly. It can adapt to all kinds of practice workflows and features an interface that is so easy that it can be learned by everyone in a little amount of time. Since the program is web-based, it further saves practices the upfront and setup costs.

Through its vast options and dependable services, the software assists practices and specialty clinics in reducing their administrative overhead while consecutively increasing cash flow. CollaborateMD works best with ambulatory care practices from 1-5 physicians and offers billing services to medical practices of any size in a number of specialties.

CollaborateMD also features exclusive tools such as Claim Tracking and Claim Control that assist users in managing and reducing claim denials. Practice managers can make unlimited users on this software who can access it from any location. In a nutshell, CollaborateMD is the perfect match for practices seeking an effective PM and billing system with customer support.

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Pros: It helps me keep my patient information organized and easy to find.

Cons: Everything works great except for the Customer Support.

  • Andrew, Advanced Physical Therapy, Inc.
  • Mar, 2017
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