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CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is a worldwide eHealth provider that offers health Information Technology (IT) solutions to the healthcare industry. The company is focused towards improving the efficiency of healthcare facilities, increasing patient satisfaction and providing optimized care through their products. CGM Clinical is one of their products that consists of electronic health records (EMR), practice management (PM), laboratory solutions, ‘Reimbursement Solutions’, and ‘CGM PATIENT PORTAL’. The software can interface bi-directionally to over 1,500 other software systems of healthcare providers. Watch a demo.

CGM’s integrated EMR enables physicians to document encounters comprehensively. Linked patient charts, histories, records, labs, images and clinical reports assure physicians have the best information available to them at all times while documenting. The software has built-in templates that can be customized if needed. The EMR’s SAM feature assesses a patient’s clinical information during the appointment and offers treatment suggestions and also suggests medication in order to assist clinicians. Doctors can electronically prescribe medicine using the e-prescribe feature. CGM’s EMR also sends alerts to notify drug to drug interactions.

The CGM Practice Management streamlines the overall flow of a practice because of its integration with each module promoting a paper-free environment. The PM offers administrative, clinical and financial summaries and a variety of reporting features. Administrators can manage patients from check-in to check out. The CGM PM software is ICD-10 ready and has billing capabilities that enable users/billers to view information regarding claims, submissions and aging so they can take necessary actions.

CGM also has an enterprise version of the PM and EHR called ‘CGM ENTERPRISE EHR & PM’. These solutions can meet the needs of a variety of healthcare organizations in today’s health industry.

Practices and laboratories that aim to cut down their operational costs and wish to increase revenue can opt for CGM’s billing service called ‘CGM DAQbilling’. ‘DAQbilling’ has a virtual clearing house that helps with processing claims, automates referral/authorization tracking, eligibility verification, and automated payment posting. This web-based solution streamlines implementation and on the same time gives you access to your practice’s financial data anywhere, at any time. The module receives upgrades from time to time to stay up to date with any changes in the industry. Get the price.

Patients can benefit from ‘CGM PATIENT PORTAL’ that can be accessed via a standard web browser using a secure login. It’s a platform that allows patients to communicate with their practices and vice versa. Patients can securely send and receive messages, access their medical information, and also schedule appointments using the portal. It also enables practices to communicate with patients by meeting them online.

CGM Clinical is a complete practice suite that can fit small to mid-sized practices of most medical specialties, including Cardiology, Occupational Medicine, Mental Health, and Gastroenterology.

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