Technology plays a prominent role in our lives. We use it everywhere. Whether we are dying to that new TV series everyone is talking about or getting on a plane tomorrow, all we need to do is to log on to the internet and get done with our requirements. The truth is that we are living in an on-demand, consumer-centric society.
Since we do our banking online, look for love online, pay our bills online why should healthcare be an exception? Thanks to the advancements in Health IT we can book appointments with doctors in our vicinity with the convenience and immediacy that we expect in ordering pizzas online. Yet there are medical practices out there who are not using patient portals to access people in need of their services. For such practices, EMR Systems offers various trusted software solutions they can adopt to improve the quality of healthcare they offer.

Health IT isn’t just limited to patient scheduling. It also makes sure that you offer online bill payments in order to save your patients from unnecessary travel to your premises. This not only keeps your patients satisfied but also helps you in getting paid faster.

A recent study conducted by a reliable source found more than half of all providers interviewed stating their primary revenue cycle concern to be tied to patient collections. Now there are web-based bill-paying solutions out there that offer practices and their patients a win-win situation. Such solutions not only help you get paid faster, they also reduce errors, lower costs, save paper and staff time for more pressing duties while eradicating mailing and postage and eventually offering a more organized approach to billing management.

To the tech-savvy patient today, such services are expectations of instant as they also offer cost transparency. A recent study revealed that 76% of consumers were found to be confused by their health care bills, with 50 % of people being open to switching providers offering more clarity and convenient payment methods.

Utilizing a patient portal with a safe online bill pay function can play a major role in achieving a seamless and efficient stream of work in your medical practice. Prudent providers should choose a patient portal that is integrated with a quality EHR and a reliable billing system, so act wisely while choosing your health IT solutions.