Two Republican senators, Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, have announced an alternative to replace Obamacare. The announcement came amidst increasing pressure on the GOP to create a substitute to the previous healthcare law.

The new plan is currently being identified as “Obamacare replacement plan” grants more power to the states on health care policy. The move has been made to bring millions of uninsured Americans aboard the government-based healthcare system and grant them access to affordable insurance.

Analyzing the new trends in the US healthcare industry, a US-based Health IT portal EMR Systems has come up with a list of EHR solutions that can help medical practices in keeping up with the changing healthcare plans. With Obamacare, the need of updated EHR systems was definitely increasing, but with Trumpcare bringing, even more, patients on insurance plans, there is a dire need of efficient Health IT software that can help clinicians cater to twice the patients they were catering to before.

Fortunately, the final text of the bill is yet to be released and experts are uncertain whether the new legislation would actually garner support from party leadership. But if the new laws are based on the promises of President Trump, it can be said with certainty that medical practices will be welcoming a lot more patients than they were catering to before.

The affordable insurance plans will allow millions of Americans to gain access to better healthcare and individual attention by the doctors. This will place a lot of management and administration load on medical practices. It will also place quite a weight on the insurance companies and we will be seeing an increased number of insurance claims.

In this instance, it is recommended that practices opt for EMR/EHR systems that are efficient in not only catering to numerous patients but also come with dependable provider management solutions, flexible schedule making features and reliable billing services. Instead of hiring more workers and then more managers to manage the increased workforce, it is recommended to outsource the increased work to other reliable healthcare companies and focus on the patient’s health.

Also, medical practices should consider investing in Health IT solutions that offer interoperability as with more patients, practices will be needing to interact more with other hospitals and clinics to send and receive patient’s medical details. These were some of the things practice managers and clinicians should keep in mind when buying new EMR/EHR systems. For more such reports, you can subscribe to EMR Systems Newsletter here.