According to a poll conducted by Morning Consult–Politico, most voters see President Trump’s foremost State of the Union address focusing on improving the healthcare system in the US.

The poll revealed that 82 percent of the volunteers said it was important for President Trump to address improving the healthcare system of the US in his speech.

This was followed by voters saying that Trump should talk about the creation of jobs and economy.

The provision of good leadership to the country and reducing poverty was the third most popular vote and this was followed by fighting terrorism.

The results of this poll were based on the survey of 1,994 registered voters. The survey was conducted from 18 to 20 January 208 and had a margin of error of 2% points.

President Trump’s government has tried and had failed multiple times at repealing and replacing ObamaCare last year. Although the lawmakers did managed repeal the law’s most unpopular individual mandate that required most people to have insurance or else pay a fine to the government.

According to the views of many experts, healthcare was one of the most important aspects of Trump’s campaign and his administration has not done anything concrete until yet. Trump should seriously be taking some really concrete steps to formulate an alternative to the ObamaCare plan or this would end up as another unfulfilled promise by this office.

Reports also stated that President Trump was further aiming at focusing on laying down an trillion-dollar infrastructure plan along with the newly passed tax-reform bill.