The once very popular EHR vendor eClinicalWorks has recently circulated a letter to its customers that outlines seven known parts of its Health IT system that it said could cause an EHR certification issue.

A news source related to healthcare and information technology managed to procure a copy of the letter, that outlined what eClinicalWorks had done regarding each issue since its $155 million settlement with the DoJ in late May.

The first issue reported was “The blank display of username field in the access logs.” eClinicalWorks stated it had resolved this problem and the better version will be available within the upcoming Q2-2017 Mandatory Patch. The company has also recommended that providers and practice managers using the V10-SP1-C and V10-SP2 editions must update to the new patch immediately as it becomes available. Hospitals and medical groups working with the earlier iterations must update to the new release and then accept the patch.

Second, “the blank display of Modified By field on the patient’s Problem List.” The company said that it will also resolve this randomly occurring issue, with the imminent Q2 mandatory patch. It further made the same recommendations of installing the latest version to make the patch effective.

The recommended user actions mentioned in the letter seemed to get a bit more complex with the third issue which was related to the structured data transparency of Social history. eClinicalWorks termed the risk as the incapacity of social history data entries to update themselves in the Progress Notes table regarding the calculation of social history measures for inactive programs at the back end. The company said that installing the patch will fix this issue and it also developed a report containing patient records that were affected by this. After the acceptance and installation of the patch, the report can be retrieved from the Reports menu > Report Console. The Structured Social History Report will be located among the Advisory Reports. Logically, eClinicalWorks recommends users to run the report and utilize their findings in identifying patients having such discrepancies. When the discrepancies are found the users should update accordingly.

The fourth issue was observed to be similar to the preceding problems which was “Lack of display of imported CCD files in patient documents preview.” This occurred when CCD file sheets failed to align with eClinicalWorks style sheet. The Q2-2017 patch is expected to fix this problem.

Now the fifth issue was Drug Interaction window’s incorrect issue date. This issue was only with the browser edition of V10-SP2.  The sixth issue mentioned also resided only within the browser version. It was the missing Printing Rx Education in patient logs and affected the meaningful use Objective Measure 6. The company said that it will be amended in the forthcoming mandatory patch.

The seventh and final issue was related to the Printing patient education which was missing in patient education logs. This issue was also only found in the browser version and pertained to meaningful use Objective Measure 6.