With a high-end dual lens camera and wireless earphones, what else can you expect from Apple’s high-end smartphone? Assistance in Healthcare? Well. According to a report published in CNBC, the technology company is currently working on it.

The report imagines people turning to their iPhone for all their health and medical information, which includes all visits to the doctor, lab test results, prescriptions, and similar other health information. The best part, all this information is made available on a single screen and could be shared with your new doctor on your command. It’s like saying goodbye to logging into all those hospital websites or calling your previous doctor to request them to forward all your medical information to your new doctor.

CNBC claims that it has learned that a team of experts within Apple’s health unit has been in talks with software developers, hospitals and similar other industry groups concerning the availability of clinical data, such as detailed allergy lists and lab results, to the iPhone. The news source says that this has been reported by not one but by half a dozen people familiar with the team. Once in the iPhone, the users will be able to choose to share their medical information with third parties, such as hospitals and other medical practices.

The news source further said that Apple was considering startups in the cloud hosting space concerning potential acquisitions that might fit into the mentioned plan. It is believed that Apple would essentially be trying to recreate what it did with music. That is replacing CDs and MP3s with a centralized music management system we see today in iTunes and the iPod.

Since most people use Apple devices easily, it will be a great step in getting people serious about ways they can better their health through IT. Nonetheless, this is just a report published in a news source and nothing can be said for sure since Apple has declined to comment on it.