People have been using Electronic Medical Records for quite some time but one question most can’t get over is, whether a cloud-based EMR is better or not. Comparatively speaking, cloud-based software’s are a new thing but they are economical. So, most people wonder whether they are really better than the costlier non-cloud-based EMR or not.For the convenience of our readers, we have asked about the advantages and disadvantages of cloud-based EMR systems and here are some pros and cons they have outlined for us.



  • No server software or hardware to purchase and maintain
  • Less up-front payment for licensing
  • Easier transition to different systems
  • A cost effective option for solo/small practices
  • Come with better customer support
  • Quite easy to set up
  • Comes with more sophisticated security measures for protection of patient’s medical data
  • You don’t have to meet the HIPAA regulations if your vendor meets them
  • More responsibility on vendor to meet Meaningful Use than the medical practice
  • Excellent option for clinicians who travel a lot and are not office-based.


  • Comes with limited customizability
  • May have latency or lag time accessing while information across the web
  • Patient data can be compromised if mixed with other clients
  • Backups and security are at the mercy of the vendor
  • If considered for long time usage, they may prove to be more expensive
  • Host controls all your data
  • Practice won’t be able to work without the internet
  • Not a good options for rural practices with limited internet connectivity or options
  • A medical practice may lose data if the vendor closes business operations
  • Bandwidth may be limited by practice’s internet connection

These were some of the pros and cons of cloud-based EHRs. As technology is advancing rapidly, one can say for sure that most of the cons listed above may disappear over a period of some time. Nonetheless, it is always better to have an expert opinion before you finally put your money on the table for buying a new EHR. If you need guidance, experts at EMR Systems will be more than happy to help you out.