You must have read or heard about the eClinicalWorks issue with DOJ that happened recently. Well, the same thing may happen to you if you are not careful. eClinicalWorks is a sound company with many customers and likewise, services. If something like that can happen with such a vendor, imagine what could happen with Health IT products currently being offered in the market at affordable prices. This is why prudent EHR buyers employ the services of EMR Systems to buy the best health IT software for their practice.
A stitch in time saves nine so whether you are using eClinicalWorks products or software from Epic, McKesson or Allscripts, here are some things you should be doing to save yourself from potential dangers in the future.
1. Upgrade your software to its latest version now, even if you are planning to switch to some other EHR in near future. The transition is always easier if your current software is updated to the latest version.
2. Connect with your EHR vendor and demand their list of known bugs. Show these to your software experts and see whether they can cause you any problems in the years ahead.
3. Your EHR vendor has access to your patient data, so always back up all EHR and patient information your vendor has access to, and take periodic snapshots of it.
4. Your practice may expand in the future and you may wish to switch to some new EHR by some new vendor so get all your contracts with your current vendor in order. Ensure that you have access to your patient data in the EHR software or cloud servers. This allows you to stay a step ahead of any vendor’s lock-in attempts.
5. Focus on facts and get educated about the EHR you have and policies of the vendor before making any drastic decisions. If you think you need help, the experts at EMR Systems will be more than happy to help you out.
Buying an EHR for your practice is not something you can do with ought being careful. There are many laws involved here and more importantly, the medical details of your patients are at risk too. Many people head over to buy a cheap electronic medical record software and then spend months trying to figure it out and making templates that could shadow their practice workflow.

EMR Systems recommends that you take advice before you place your hard earned money on the table. There are many specialty specific software solutions in the market that might be perfect for you.

You can search them on EMR Systems as we offer an intelligent search tool that considers all your requirements and then shows you filtered results. Try these out and tell us how they worked for you.