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Designed especially for chiropractic care, BackChart is an Electronic Health Records (EHR) software aimed to expedite clinical workflow of chiropractic practices. BackChart is a web-based provider and is aimed at small to midsized practices.

Patient charting is enhanced with BackChart chiropractic-specific SOAP templates. Highly customizable, the templates can be adjusted to individual needs. BackChart EHR increases efficiency through voice recognition software that allows providers to dictate notes and even import MP3 files. BackChart EMR has the ability to import Microsoft Word documents, for providers that take notes in Word and then want to assimilate it within their EHR.

Insuring the most efficient Patient Charting, BackChart enables providers to Reuse Text. These can be imported from previous SOAP notes and Progress Exams. It allows providers to create medical alerts as well as establish progress exam reminders. BackCharts comprehensive Patient Charting further facilitates tracking quality-of-care measures by charting progress reports on graphs.

BackChart Clinical Workflow software aims to assist providers in keeping up with quality assurance measures. It integrates  with diagnostic imaging equipment; a tool that not only pulls up previous patient imaging data but raises red flags to highlight urgent care, and provides recommendations.

BackChart has a comprehensive Patient Portal that allows practitioners to collect necessary patient demographics and quality-of-care measures. It is also a great tool for patients. It gives them greater control over scheduling, as well as reminders of upcoming appointments and diagnostic tests. Patients can check their medical history through BackChart Patient Portal, lab results, medication history as well as a list of allergens. It is also a great way for patients to communicate with their practitioner through the Patient Email Access tool.

BackChart partners with Kareo for Practice Management (PM) software. For Billing services BackChart partners with Kareo, and The Cvikota Company. BackChart has various pricing plans for practitioners to choose from. They offer a 15 day free trial period, without any contracts. You can request a demo to find out more about BackChart.

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