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Advanced Health Management Systems (AHMS) was developed by physicians to provide Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) to private practices.

Available as both an on-site server and cloud-based solution, AHMS is geared towards small to midsized practices. It provides integration with labs, pharmacies and diagnostic devices. It also hosts intra-office messaging for greater communication and data storage capabilities. AHMS also has an auto complete feature, which allows physicians to reuse previously made notes.

AHMS PM Solution helps reduce overall practice costs and generates revenue through functions like flexible scheduling, patient portal management and electronic insurance billing.

AHMS has flexible payment plans. Practices can get started with AHMS by paying an initial setup fee, along with recurring monthly charges.

User Reviews

Pros: My trainer during implementation has been wonderful. She has excellent knowledge of the program, as well as how to best use it to meet my needs. She has been the redeeming factor in my experience.

Cons: It was sold to me as being more specific to my situation than itu2019s proven to be. It is geared more too medical billing than to mental health billing and the training videos reflect this. That has been disappointing.

  • Carla, MFHC
  • Mar, 2017
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