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Developed by Ocuco, Acuitas activEHR 2.0 caters to the needs mid-sized ophthalmology and optometry practices. It allows physicians to efficiently manage, distribute and store patient health records.

The software assists ophthalmology and optometry practices by displaying their patient’s latest clinical reports, medical health performance charts and other relevant information all on a single screen.

Through a 3rd party vendor (DrFirst), the company has incorporated e-Prescribing services to Acuitas activEHR 2.0. The software provides a link via API to DrFirst, where physicians can enter patient details through a secure web service and access medication, allergies and active prescription details for that patient.

In order to share medical information of patients, the EHR utilizes the services of Secure Exchange Solutions (SES). This company provides practices with secure email addresses from where they can exchange Patient Health Information (PHI) through secure encrypted channels. Here is a demo explaining the various complex functions of the EHR.

Acuitas Optical is company’s Practice Management software that offers the Patient Relationship Management for independent opticians. The software optimizes practice workflow, reduces expenditures, saves time and increases sales.

Acuitas Optical also supports the workflow of independent opticians with one or two consulting rooms. It allows such opticians to run their practices more efficiently and go paperless once and for all. The software enables staff to optimize the use of their own time and provide a better level of patient service to people.

In addition, the software automatically updates frame information through Frames Data IDA (Immediate Data Access) which saves valuable time usually dedicated to updating inventory. Other features offering assistance to optical practitioners include a 3D lens viewer, centralized HO management and a secure audit trail.

Here are a few features Acuitas Optical:

  • Appointment to collection in one application
  • Comprehensive Examinations with graphics
  • Thorough Patient Recall – using all modes of communication, letter, SMS, email and phone
  • Marketing tool for effective target communications with patients
  • Staff and inventory management tools
  • Links with Fundus and anterior cameras allowing sharing of expensive equipment
  • Links with Focimeters, phoropters, autorefractors and tonometers for quick data entry

Acuitas is best for practices that frequently share expensive diagnostic ophthalmic equipment and prioritize patient data security above everything. Request a price quote.

User Reviews

Pros: Easy to use and self-explanatory

Cons: I hate that it is not compatible with all TABs, I had to specially buy an iPad.

  • Carla, UET
  • Mar, 2017
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