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Best suited for small practices, ABELMed is an integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) software that also incorporates billing capabilities. A Microsoft Gold Certified partner, ABELMed has been operating since 1977 and is ONC-ACB and Meaningful Use Certified.

It’s PM solution integrates the administrative and financial aspects while the EHR enables greater connectivity with labs, pharmacies, imaging and diagnostic equipment. This increases overall efficiency of the practice as everything is on one system.

ABELMed offers patient portal which allows patients to access their clinical information online, as well as change appointments, request prescription refills, get reminders of diagnostic tests and pending payments. It also allows them to send their medical charts discreetly to other physicians through secure messaging.

ABELMed goes one step further in securing patient data. It allows admin to determine the range of access users can have to patient data.

ABELMed provides EMR templates for various specialties such as family medicine, immunology, psychiatry, urology and OB/GYN. These provide a clutter-free EMR for practitioners to function with ease.

User Reviews

Pros: My trainer during implementation has been wonderful. She has excellent knowledge of the program, as well as how to best use it to meet my needs. She has been the redeeming factor in my experience.

Cons: It was sold to me as being more specific to my situation than itu2019s proven to be. It is geared more too medical billing than to mental health billing and the training videos reflect this. That has been disappointing.

  • Nataile, Inspire Communication, INC
  • Mar, 2017
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